Instant Mix Concrete and Pumping

Domestic & commercial ready-mix concrete

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Domestic & commercial ready-mix concrete
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24/7 Concrete delivered to your door
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Zero Waste – only pay for what you use!
We Deliver Your Concrete 24/7

We Deliver Your Concrete 24/7

Zero Waste - Pay For What You Use

Zero Waste - Pay For What You Use

we have 30 Years of Experience

We have 30 Years of Experience

Quarry Aggregates

Made Only from Quarry Aggregates

Expert & Friendly Customer Service

Expert & Friendly Customer Service

Commercial Concrete Services

We provide high quality commercial concrete mix in Birmingham, with no waste or excess. Simply calculate how much concrete you need, how and when you want it delivered, and we’ll come and mix your requirements on-site with our cutting-edge volumetric vehicles.

Domestic Concrete Services

Whether you’re working on a home improvement project, doing up a property, or giving your neighbour a helping hand with their patio, our domestic concrete services in Birmingham will ensure you only have to pay for the concrete you will use.

Concrete Pumping Services

Our concrete pumping service in Birmingham is quick, time-efficient, and cost-effective as spillages and clean-up time is minimal. Our long-reach vehicles are operated by our skilled technicians to ensure your concrete is pumped to exactly where it’s needed.

Concrete Pump hire

Concrete pump hire is perfect for the utility and highway sector. Clients can use the concrete pumps for their construction projects when they need a reliable and efficient way to transport concrete to those hard-to-reach areas.

Jobs at Instant Mix Concrete

Due to growth, we are always on the lookout for reliable hardworking drivers with appropriate licences.

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    Concrete Mixer Hire in Birmingham

    based in the heart of Birmingham

    Our location makes us ideal for all of your concrete needs whether they’re big or small. Our team is skilled at supplying the highest quality ready-mix concrete for large commercial sites and smaller domestic jobs too.

    We have eight types of concrete strengths and have been supplying businesses with our cement and virgin quarried aggregates for over 30 years. Our cutting-edge volumetric mix vehicles can supply you with instant mix concrete from just 0.5m3.

    We are extremely proud of the reputation that we have built up in the Birmingham area, and this is based both on our customer service and the quality of the product that we provide. We are also keen to keep waste to a minimum and that is why we have invested in our fleet of volumetric mix vehicles.

    Whether you’re interested in our on-site ready-mix concrete service, or our concrete pumping service, our team will be happy to deliver the concrete that you need. Please use our concrete calculator to determine the amount of concrete you require, or call our team on 0121 468 0210 to talk through your needs today.

    frequently asked questions

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call on 0121 468 0210 or contact us.

    What is the difference between cement and concrete?

    Cement is one of the ingredients that make up concrete. It is a dry powder and usually constitutes 10-15% of concrete. Concrete is made by mixing aggregates (sand and/or stone for instance) with cement and water.

    Is concrete environmentally friendly?

    Firstly, this depends on the type of concrete used. If the concrete is permeable or pervious, then it allows water to soak through to the earth below – thus enabling trees and plants to access the moisture. Secondly, if the concrete has been made from recycled materials such as rubble, it is much more sustainable.

    Lastly, there’s the fact that concrete is so long-lasting. Because it needs so little upkeep, this actually ensures maintenance is kept to a minimum – meaning once it’s down it rarely needs anything done to it. Therefore, the production and manufacture side of concrete has a lower impact on our environment in comparison to other building materials.

    Is concrete the same as mortar?

    No. Concrete and mortar are not the same. Yes, they share similarities in their ingredients, but whereas mortar is used to hold things together (bricks for instance), concrete is used structurally to form foundations and building supports. Concrete is stronger and more durable than mortar.

    How much concrete do I need?

    Calculating how much concrete you need for a job can – at first - seem like a daunting task. However, generally it is quite simple. You need to calculate the measurements for width, length, and thickness of the space you want to fill with concrete. Our concrete calculator can help you do this – or you can call one of our team and they’ll be able to help you.

    What concrete should I use?

    We offer eight different types of concrete at Instant Mix Concrete, and which one you choose depends on the job you’re working on. You’ll need to take into consideration what the ground conditions are, what the structure’s purpose is, and what type of project it is. If you’re not sure what type of concrete you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively click here to have a read of the different types of concrete we supply.

    Can I pour concrete in the rain?

    Although not the perfect condition for building work of any type, it is not always possible to avoid pouring concrete in the rain. For the best results, and strongest finish, rain should be avoided. However, if you are able to keep the cavity that you are filling as dry as possible before the concrete is applied, then it can be done. Any excess water that appears on the top of the concrete should be gently removed by wiping it away with a hosepipe or similar. Do not brush it into the mix as this will weaken your concrete and could result in cracking or crumbling.

    How do I prevent concrete from cracking?

    Unfortunately, there can be no guarantee that your concrete won’t crack but it is possible to do your best to make sure you keep cracks at bay. Follow these steps for optimal concrete application and minimal cracking –

    1. Use the right amount of water. Both using too much or too little water can result in cracks
    2. Make sure you choose the right concrete mix for your task. We offer eight types and we can advise you about which one will be right for your job
    3. Never pour concrete onto ground that is frozen or under snow. That’s because when the ground thaws, it will move, and this could result in cracks in your concrete
    4. Use adequate control joints so that, once installed, your concrete will be able to almost ‘breathe’ with the weather as it changes throughout the year by subtly shrinking and expanding
    What access is required to deliver my concrete?

    There needs to be space for our Instant Mix Concrete vehicles to park so that the team can deliver your concrete. Our vehicles are about 3 metres wide and approximately 10 metres long so please make sure there is space outside your property. If you are having your concrete pumped onto site we will need to park the concrete mixer too – so a 20-metre parking space for both vehicles is needed.

    Our concrete pump extends to 50 metres so remote areas can be accessed. If you need your concrete delivering to a location that is more than 50 metres away from the pump vehicle, please call us to discuss this, as it may be possible.

    Will I need it pumped out?

    We use our pumps to deliver concrete to difficult-to-access or remote locations. Otherwise, our concrete can be delivered by wheelbarrow. You will need your own labourers for this, but we can help with wheelbarrow delivery. If you are unsure whether you need your concrete pumping or not, please give us a call and we will be able to advise you.

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    • Peter Larkin
      We cannot praise this company enough. From the office staff who made the process very easy to the two men who delivered the concrete and couldn’t have been more helpful. 5 star service. Thanks, we will be using this company again!!
      Peter Larkin
    • Julia Linford White
      Fantastic service, would highly recommend this company. Staff on board were great , job all done and dusted in few hours, couldn’t fault the service.
      Julia Linford White